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Accelerated Javascript Animation with Velocity.js

Accelerated Javascript Animation with Velocity.js

Velocity.js is an animation engine that incorporates the exact same syntax as Jquery’s .animate. Just implement Velocity.js into your project, and watch the increase in animation performance on your already existing Jquery animations. Take things a step further and see what Velocity can do. The Velocity.js features color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. Once you try it, you’ll agree that neither Jquery animations, nor CSS transitions can compare to the speed and flexibility of Velocity.js.

Implement Velocity into your legacy projects, build it into your workflow with Require.js and you’ll always be using velocity for the things it does best, and Jquery for your core javascript coding. You can even use Velocity without Jquery.

Why the Mako Shark you say? Well, the Mako is the fastest Shark in the Oceans, and we know Jquery might be the Great White of Javascript libraries, but sometimes fast is just FASTER!

Velocity.js is made by Julian Shapiro, and is a widely popular library on the dev circuit. It’s used by Tumblr, Orbitz, just to name a few.