Brooklyn Based Web Development is Enterprise WordPress Development


Grids, boilerplate HTML5, deployment, git, grunt, bootstrap? You name it, the WordPress theme development framework for professional development has got it. Just take a look, test drive, and see what this great starter theme has to offer. This is no RocketTheme folks, this is strictly for developers and custom built web applications.
And here are some sites that have been built with Roots:

The folks at have built a great development theme that helps programmers write less code, and use the WordPress framework to create powerful interfaces. The Roots community is certainly growing as well, as many WP devs realize the power of the platform. Combine this with Bedrock, their WP Stack, and you’ve got a great platform for build, deployment and maintain.

Bedrock combines the use of Composer, Capistrano and Vagrant to create a solid enterprise level platform for develop/deploy. Start things up with Vagrant, install your special customized WordPress build with Composer, and then manage automated deployments from Capistrano! They have great tutorials including video to go over the entire process. It’s rather complex, but once you have it setup and your acclimated to the process, how much easier everything will be.