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WordPress Security Hardening

Since WordPress is open source software, one of the most important steps in creating a publicly used website is security. In fact, my earliest experiences with working on the WordPress platform was dealing with hacked and malware infected websites. It was almost always just a bit too late, as the client had nothing in place […]


Development Environments using Vagrant

I’ve been keen on learning more about quick deployment techniques. Vagrant is the new kid on the block. Create your development environment in seconds. Working within the agile development environment has you building local hosting solutions all the time. What used to take hours to setup can be run from SSH in a few commands. […]


SVA: The Graduate Program for the Design Entrepreneur

We helped the School of Visual Arts migrate their 7 year old unmaintained website into a next generation WordPress CMS platform. This responsive multi-user website provides the SVA Graduate Department for the Design Entrepreneur with a powerful tool to feature student, alumni and faculty work.


We worked with Phil Forbes to create a responsive portfolio website and implement the WordPress CMS. We provide the artist with a customized solution including webhosting, cms support, & security. Phil Forbes’s sculpture unites the materials and construction skill of a builder with the improvisation of a lifetime as a musician. Exposure as a child […]